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2013년 4월 22일 월요일

Gradation Foil Nail Art! so mysterious

Ok, Today's nail art is a bit hard , well at least to me :'( 
I am not good at gradation nail art with sponge, but here's a
beautiful nail work!

This one is one of Sara member's nail work !

First, make gradation nail art with your favorite colors

cover with top coat (or base coat) very lightly (*this is important!)
and put a foil paper on your nail

take it off !

Use a water decal 

Put on the foil nail art!
Isn't it amazing?
I think with gradation, foil and water decal,
we can make over 100,000 +++ kinds of nail work :) 

See? it's all same gradation based but different foils and water decals.
make your own foil nail work! :)

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