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2012년 8월 29일 수요일

Pretty Nails from Sara NailAcademy

Hello, nail lovers!
Here in Korea had just huge typhoon named  'Bolaven'. 
I hope no one suffers from Bloaven! 

Today, I am going talk about some of nail arts from Sara Academy.

Yes, we have Academy classes :)   
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Pretty Nails from Sara NailAcademy

This art is called ‘flat shoes’. All the 5 nails looks like cute little flat shoes with pretty decoration on tips. I like second one with leopard personally, and the little ribbon printing sticker on the first nail! what do you think? 
You can make it one design for 2 hands, and looks like 5 pair of shoes! :p 

Pretty Nails from Sara NailAcademy

This is mosaic tip nail art. Coloring on the mosaic tip in nude-color jell polish and 3D flower decoration parts on it. This looks so pure and girly, I just love that flower part on second nail tip. You could apply with other colors and flowers parts such as red with red rose part. 

Pretty Nails from Sara NailAcademy

Here is perfect for simple black dress. Black jell polish and glitter make pretty night sky and stars. And with white jell brush, drawing beautiful and fluttering feathers on it. It looks hard to make that beautiful feathers, but it's not that hard or complicated with thin jell brush.  
I would try this both black sky and clean blue sky version! 

Did you like these beautiful nail arts? Which one did you like most? 
Share your know-hows with me! 

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