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2012년 8월 31일 금요일

Nail Care Basic Kit for Home care

Nail Care Basic Kit for Home care
Hello Nail lovers
It is not hard to care your nails at your own home if you have these simple kit for Home care. 4 basic polishes and some tools that shape your nails right, your are ready to polish your nails with colors!

Nail Care Basic Kit for Home care

1. Cuticle Remover - Remove your useless cuticles around nail. 
  ★ How to : apply on cuticle parts and let all the cuticles soaked. 
2. Cuticle Oil - get moisturized your cuticle and nails
 ★ How to : apply on cuticles around nails and massage it softly.
3. Base Coat - to protect your nails from tinted by color polish  
 ★ How to : apply on your nail before coloring
4. Top Coat - to prevent taking off and keep maintain colors.
 ★ How to : apply on nail after coloring 

Nail Care Basic Kit for Home care
Nail Care Basic Kit for Home care

These are tools for shaping your nail and remove dead skin cells.
Be careful not to push too much and hurt your nails and skins around it!

Self Care 3 Step
1. Soak the useless cuticles around nails with cuticle remover.
2. Use pusher, lift up cuticles
(Don't push it too much, only useless cuticles!)
3. apply Cuticle Oil on the cuticles 
(this one is good for your healthy and beautiful nail!)

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