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2013년 1월 25일 금요일

Swarovski nail deco parts, Water Drop swarovski nail decoration parts

Swarovski Nail Doco Parts
Swarovski Water Drop Nail Parts 

Introducing Beautiful pink color swarovski water drop shape nail parts!

size : 1.0cm*1.4cm

Gold base and pink stones, and big white color stone! 
This nail parts ahs unique shape and looks so luxurious :)

for Charm & Stones 
1) Apply base coat and color polish.
2) Use wood stick, put some top coat on the tip and pick a charm or stone you want.
3) put the charm/stone on your nail and finish with top coat to make it fixed.

for Parts
1) Apply base coat and color polish.
2) put some gel-glue thick to put a parts on it.
3) Use tweezer and place your part on the gel-glue! 

If you want your chars/stone last longer, use nail art glue! :)

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