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2012년 11월 7일 수요일

frenznail Gel Talk Channel nail sticker channel style nail art

frenznail Gel Talk Standard
Hello nail lovers!
I just got a beautiful nail art from Sara Academy. Out nail artist May who did PSY nail art last time, she did Channel style nail art this time! Thank you for sharing us, May!
She used frendznail Gel Talk which is known for quick dry in 5 secs with LED light. Gel Talk Standard has 42 color all related rainbow colors and they are so vivid & pretty!
The nail polish she had this time were no.06~10, some stickers and swarovski nail stones! 
 These polishes and nail materials all from and we are opening English version soon! If you need to get our products from, please leave comments here and let me know what you need!

E-mail us to
Call 82 070 4495 3040
Fax 82 02 755 5591

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