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2012년 11월 16일 금요일

2012 November Easy Nail Art Tutorials Sara Nail Self Nail!

Sara Nail offers new self nail art tutorials every month!
Let's see what nail arts are on! These works are made by our Sara Academy instructors, and they'll update more nail art work on the web site. So please visit our site! We will open a new English version of it, soon!

Wani dress Gel Nail
Wani Dress Gel Nail
Beautiful Purple and White color with gold glitters.  
Plaid Style nail art
2 in 1 Plaid Style Nail
Light and Deep brown colors with art pen! 

Skull skeleton Gel Nail
Skull Skeleton Gel Nail
Deep Green and Gold color glitter polish.

Lace Corset Gel Nail
Lace Corset Gel Nail
It's easy to have ribbons and corset when you use stickers! (decal nail sticker)

click the photo you want to try!
It you have questions, please leave comments! 

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