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2012년 9월 19일 수요일

Shiny blue glitter nail, perfect for night!

Shiny blue glitter nail, perfect for night!
Glitter nail polish / nail polish for party / sara nail polish products
Hello nail lovers!
It's already 3rd week of September and I can feel the chill breeze at night! (and I love it)
As the darkness of night come to us ealry, I decide to have glittering things in my nails.
I went with blue base color (Hollywood girl) and picked this awesome polish!

Shiny blue glitter nail, perfect for night!
Glory Nail Lacquer G-012

This is made in Korea, and the names of polishes are all Korean places.
This one, Hong-cheon-gang(洪川江) is a river located in Kangwon-do. I think it's nice to have Korean style name :) So this polish has lots of glitters in many colors. I picked this one because I want more glamorous and cute at the same time. I may have other colors as base, I'm thing black for next time! (Maybe Black color based with silver or gold glitter polish! What do you think?)
I'm in love with this one. I'll post other polishes of this brand later!

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