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2012년 9월 12일 수요일

응답하라 1997, Reply 1997 ! INFINITE Hoya

This one, Reply 1997, is SO amazing ! 
This is a TV drama series on tvN channel on every Tuesday at 11 pm.

Hoya, a member of INFINITE, is one of character in this TV drama. He is good student, kind, attentive and smart. He seems like he has a crush on Si-won (the main character) , but actually he likes someone else close. (I'm not going to tell who is the one :p)
This show is about high school students back in 1990s. Si-won is a huge fan of H.O.T. (H.O.T is the hottest idol group in 1997.) Anyone watches this show? It has only one episode left and it'll be on next Tuesday. I can't wait ! 

응답하라 1997, Reply 1997 ! INFINITE Hoya

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