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2013년 6월 11일 화요일

Sara Youtube Nail Art Class, Marbling Nail Art, White Plaid Check line Nail Art

I always wonder how people do marbling nail art 
but now I got it ! Sara Nailist shows us how to make complicated marbling in a simple and quick way :) 
She only used a wrap and put it on the colors, and it's done!

apply colors that you want to make marbles, 
and simply put a wrap on them! slightly put it on and take it off. 
then you'll see amazing work just in 1 sec :) 

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댓글 3개:

  1. This is awesome! One of the most original marble nail art I've ever seen! Great job! Love it!

  2. Thank you :) I am happy that it was helpful!

  3. Lindo demais, amei.
    Tem um super sorteio rolando no blog e vc não pode ficar de fora.
    Venha conferir.
    Blog Estilo.Quem tem?


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