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2014년 7월 1일 화요일

[SARANAIL] Remove your gel nail easily with HONEY POT GEL REMOVER!

Remove your gel nail color easily with Honey Pot Gel Remover!
Hey bloggers! Good morning!

I have a question for you this morning.
Do you use gel nail colors often?

I use gel nail colors very often because it's shininess is much better than regular nail polish! The best thing about gel nail colors is that it remains on my nails for about 1 month. However, it has one disadvantage: it's very hard to remove... ;(

So today, I'll introduce you an easy way to remove gel nail colors.

1. If you have stones on your nails, remove them with a nipper.
The very first thing in gel removing: REMOVING STONES!

2. Grind the top gel with a file. 150 grit is just enough.

3. Apply cuticle oil on the nail roots.
It's very important to protect your nails by applying oil because gel nail remover is much stronger than regular gel nail remover.

4. Put Honey Pot gel remover on a cotton.
As some of you who have used the gel nail remover before, gel remover smells really bad... :( However! Honey Pot gel nail color remover has LESS pungent than other nail polish removers.

5. After 10~15 minutes, remove the soak off.
After 10~15 minutes, gel nail colors would be off from your fingernails. Use a pusher of wood stick to push/wipe off the gel. If there's some part where it does not come off, put a gel remover on that finger for 5 more minutes!

6. To remove the remover components from you finger, put your hand in the finger bowl.
It's important to remove the remover components from your finger. Put your fingers in the finger bowl for about 30 minutes. After gel nail color removing is complete, put some nutritional supplements on your cuticles.

Where can we buy Honey Pot Gel Remover?!

Click the pictures!

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