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2012년 11월 28일 수요일

The Saracen Nail Shop, Nail Products Wholesale, Nail Polish Sale

This is SARA nail shop. We sell lots of nail Products here! 

Nail polishes, removers and tools for nail arts are here, 
you can find various kinds of nail products! 
Lots of people and companies are visiting our shop to get unique and cheap with high quality goods.

Saracen also have beauty products like eye lashes, hair products.

Looks are those pretty and shiny nail glitters! over 100 nail glitter products are displayed. Red. Yellow and other colors are ready! 

Please let me know if you need to buy nail product from us! 
Leave comments or send email to :)

E-mail us to
Call 82 070 4495 3040
Fax 82 02 755 5591 

Nail Products Wholesale, Nail Polish Sale, Nail Products online shop

댓글 5개:

  1. Your shop looks amazing! I really want to on vacation to South-Korea someday, I'll be sure to visit your shop too! :)

    1. Thank you Lariesa! :)
      We are happy to have your comment!

  2. Hi Sara, I'm in Gangnam, Korea on vacation until Friday. How do I get to your store? I'm a Nail Technician from Canada! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing such unique information hair and beauty products wholesale which are in actual fact as well as helpful for us.Keep it up.....


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